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    Soccer Kit Design

    Hi all, not sure if this is going to be in the right section of the forum, but basically, I was wondering how they football kits were made.

    If you look at this site you can see what I mean -

    Just scroll down the page a bit and you will come across 3 kits, the 3rd is like some sort of template by the looks of it. So I'm guessing they use that, then get the correct kit colour/design and cover it, somehow.

    So anybody know how this is done, and if it is easily done...



    I recently created a site - <snip> - but one of the clubs has refused me permission to use their logo, and I'm waiting on word back from others. IMO there is no point in having SOME logos, so was thinking I might use the kits like on the Premier League site, but slightly different of course.
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