I just started a contract job for a client who has previously been using Spree commerce for a relatively large product database (1000+). They are looking for certain design tweaks and addition of certain modules on the site.

Now im a fairly novice web designer, i focus mainly on front end and some php/mysql, so Im finding myself lost in getting started with a plan.

I was just wondering if there are any advanced Spree commerce users on here who can give me some points in the right direction and some answers as to whether or not certain things can be done.

1. Are there any html pages that can be manually edited or is all html dynamically generated by the Ruby files?

2. Whats the best way to copy this website and its spree platform onto a practice local server?

3. Would I be better off switching to a more design-flexible e-commerce platform( I can create custom Wordpress themes, and use an e-commerce plugin)?

4. Will I need to know Ruby to make changes to the navigation, or layout of the pages?

ANY help would be appreciated. Thanks!