Last night I saw an article about how Macquarie University's website was hacked.

So I found a security website that had cached a copy of the hacked website, and I saved the HTML into an HTML file in NetBeans so I could re-create the web page to show others.

In the HTML that I saved, there was this reference to some image on the website...

I tried right-clicking on the image to save a local copy, but FireFox didn't allow me to do this.

What I would like to know is, "Is it possible that the URL above is to one of the Hackers servers, and thus maybe carried a dangerous payload that I could have somehow picked up while originally viewing the cached website on this intermediary website, or while viewing the page - and images - again from my local copy?!"

I am on a Mac, but nonetheless, I am sort of regretting doing what I did...




P.S. Here is a partial screen-shot from the code I copied and placed into a local HTML file... (I did this mainly because the original was a few pages, and so there was no easy way to do a "screen-shot"...)