Good Afternoon All,

I am pretty new to we-design and am building a site for my artwork. I am stuck with how to properly build this photo gallery and have it positioned where I need it to be. The gallery must be positioned perfectly because it needs to line up with the background image that acts as the frame for the gallery images. I have designed this based on % in the attempt to eventually make it responsive to four different screen-size ranges. When I test what I have so far it just falls apart when it hits the different browsers. It does fine in dreamweaver's live view but when I test it in any browser either the background image won't show up, or the images stack up on the left side of the page, and it does not respond at all when I shrink the screen. I know I need to learn a LOT and am studying web-design everyday, but in the meantime I need to get this site up while I continue to learn. ANY and ALL help is so so so appreciated I am just stumped. Thank You in advance!


Here is the jsfiddle link to view the code. If this post is not formatted correctly or will somehow deter people from answering PLEASE let me know.