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    File link identification in CSS menu

    HI, I'm new here, hope I'm doing this right!
    I am developing a site with a standard vertical menu bar in CSS. The menu resides in the site .dwt file. I am trying to enhance the menu with an action which needs to identify the file which is opened when the menu link is clicked. This will highlight the file which is open. Here's the code:

    Code CSS:
    #home #homeLink,
    #about #aboutlink,
    #membership #membershipLink,
    #membernews #membernewsLink,
    #artists #artistsLink,
    #perspectives #perspectivesLink,
    #events #eventsLink,
    #links #linksLink,
    #photogallery #photogalleryLink
     background-color: #FFFFFF;
     background-position: 145px 100%;
     padding-right: 15px;
     padding-left: 30px;
     font-weight: bold;
     border-left-style: inset;
     border-bottom-style: outset;
     border-bottom-width: medium;
     border-left-width: thin;

    The process needs to identify the file using an ID attached to the <body> tag. The problem is that the .dwt will not allow the <body> tag to be editable, so I can not attach the ID to the <body>.

    How can I attach the ID so that the file can be identified to the code? Thank you very much
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