I currently do graphics design as a hobby and currently have a portfolio website. However, I also have a Resources section and do cuts/renders of images as well and would like to code a proper render gallery in which I could upload directly from the actual website into the server and actually have the images show up on the website without having to manually code the html for every single one... Obviously, I'm not trying to make this into a huge project, just trying to make my life easier...

I've seen it done on sites such as http://www.backstagegfx.com/cutgallery/index.php and http://www.officialpsds.com/psds

I've also seen it done with Coppermine Photo Gallery but that's just not the look I'm going for. Rather use my own render voids and coding to get this done.

I'm willing to learn how to code it on my own, just not sure where to start and what it entails. I'm thinking a form that is linked to an ftp uploader that links to the server but I don't have a lot of coding experience to know where to begin.

Any advice you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.