I am a noob. Ive been studying web design for a while now and have made a few sites for myself and am currently working on my own project Still in the wireframing/design comp stage). I have a background in Networking (cisco, juniper) but find it really boring and more and more these days employers want a CCNP level networking guy to be a Microsoft or Linux expert as well (and not pay any additional money for it). I just got fed up with it all and poured my heart and soul into learning web design and coding.

I've spoken to a few people who think I'm an idiot for doing this because in the IT world, if you're not doing IT for any period of time, it can be difficult to get a job in it because for some reason employers think you forgot the commands in the CLI or something. Some say that with the plethora of the point and click build a site web services out there that the demand for a skilled web designer is diminishing. Plus the fact that they can get it built by some guy in a foreign country for a fraction of the cost (no disrespect to people in another country, but you are the competition).

So I pose a question to those with greater knowledge and depth of experience, the sitepoint community, is this still a viable career choice. I really enjoy it and have fun not only designing the site and coding, but working with Illustrator (ai>PS imo) as well and would like to continue doing it but dont want to feel that I am getting into a sinking ship.