Hi there!

I've got a lot of tables displaying sizes, where the rows need sorting based on the size, e.g. X small row first, then small, medium, etc.

Not all tables have all the same sizes, and some sizes are formatted slightly differently, e.g 'X small' or 'XSmall' or 'XS'.

The table has no classes or IDs.

The size text is the first word in the first td, first tr after thead.

Here is the link: http://site-1111.myshopify.com/produ...te-dog-t-shirt

The other thing that's not too important, but I'd like to know if its possible to remove any text that starts with a certain string. Looking at the same link above, I would like to remove all the breed guidelines in the tables, so text that starts with 'breed guidelines'.

I'm very much a js and jquery rookie so any help would be much appreciated!!!

Thank you,