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One more thing: if I had been aborted I WOULD NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! and neither would anybody else.
That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Please!!! Like you really don't care you weren't killed off by your mother. Give me a freaking break!!!
Whoa hot dog. Calm down boy. I'm not dumb and I'd appreciate not being called dumb since it's not me that is misunderstanding. If I had been aborted I'd be dead and wouldn't know any better. Get the point? Has an aborted fetus ever told you they wish they hadn't been aborted?

I'm not going to respond to this thread any more since it's obviously just turning into name calling.

Good day.
I don't remember calling you dumb or calling you any names. What you said was dumb though. I get your point. But it's a dumb point. And again I state, you cannot tell me you don't appreciate the fact that you areNOWalive and well. Your comment is a non factor. You are alive NOW, and enjoying it I can assume.

And no, an aborted fetus has never told me that he or she wishes they hadn't been aborted. They never have had the chance. But I'm betting that a few of them thought it was a raw deal.

If you are going to make those kind of comments, then be man enough to take the criticism that comes from it.

You have made some good points on your stand point though. That one was just....dumb.