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Joe, could you be so kind to explain 'the meaning and value of life' to me, if you think that you know it better?
Maybe I can, and maybe I can't, not that you'd believe or listen to me anyway. I don't profess to know everything. It's something for us all to figure out on our own. But I can tell you what it isn't. Believing that we are all just a bunch of atoms and cells and that life is just a convient way of clumping them all together. Believing that we are here for our own self gain and making life convient for ourselves.

I do believe that human life is a right, not a privilege or convience. I believe that life is about bring joy and happyness, not momentary pleasure, to others along with finding it ourselves. That we should leave things better than when we found them. And abortion is none of this.

Abortion is a self centered, momentary pleasure that only brings greef and regret to all involved. Maybe not today, but someday.