I'm asking for trouble, but...

I'm strongly pro-life. Before any pro-choicers hit the REPLY button, please hear why:

1 - Life has to begin at some point...conception is the only point that makes sense to me. I can't think of any other way, since there's no other way to pinpoint it to one individual second.

2 - Don't do the "crime" if you can't...uh...give birth. Babies can be given up for adoption easily...in fact I think there should be such shelters dedicated to just that...no questions asked...they just accept the children.

3 - No matter what you believe, there is OBVIOUSLY a chance that it truly is "alive" say, half way through the pregnancy...why take the chance? To avoid any "inconvienence"?

4 - Not really a point...just saying that I DEARLY hope no one here favors partial-birth abortion. I won't even describe it here...if you want to know about it email me...

Any thoughts? Let's try to keep it civil and respectful...don't mean we can't politely debate though.