@Pullo ;
Similar to people thinking I am 'English', dual nationality has it's perks. We're all people of the planet. Never been to Germany, I would guess it's a little like England but maybe cleaner, so I've heard. I live in a small new city, so things here are fairly clean and tidy.

@AussieJohn ;
Same here! Great minds think a like.

From what I found many European countries know exceptional English, in particular those colder countries, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands. I found France, Greece and Italy to know basic English. Can't judge though, must be hard learning 2 or more languages outside the language environment. I once went to a conference and students from colder regions really impressed me, especially on how well tuned they were with world affairs.

Even though we're all people of the world, our culture and environment can increase our chances of success.