Buon giorno from 1 degrees C pitch black Wetherby UK :-)

On this page http://www.ikogroup.co.uk/Products/F...g---Detailing/ I need to add this sentence
**Liquid Roofing Roof Waterproofing & Detailing**
but with a carriage return (not using </br> tags).

Illustrated here http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/c...tion-valid.jpg and detailed here is the css solution i conjoured up:

<h1 style="><span style="display:inline-block;">Liquid Roofing</span><span style="display:block;">Roof Waterproofing & Detailing</span></h1>
So my question is please:

"Is this ok as stable fix or could it trigger glitches etc?"

Grazie tanto,

off topic - How do make sure something you enter in these posts stays invisible to search engines. For example if i didnt want the term coconut juice to get indexed what could i do?