Hello! i got this problem with " http://x.xxx.xxx.x/register.php " ( x stands for numbers from Ip address )
And i want to hide or put a mask because i get ddosed day by day.

This is a " sample " of my script:
<center><iframe  name="BLESS" src="http://x.xxx.xxx.x/register.php" scrolling="no" width="500" frameborder="0" height="400"></iframe></center>

If anyone know what i must do! because in View page source it's showing my IP . THere it isn't any way to work on this... or to make a protection .

I am new to this and to tell the truth i am lost... can sameone help me with advices / tutorials how to do it... or do something so i can stop people ddosing me. I mention that is a server...

Sorry if i post it in worng section.