I cant seem to get any data from a basic form to insert into a mysql db. When i run the query by clicking the submit button, it will act like the query has been inserted but when the select runs (the next query on the same index.php script) that query will not display the newly insert information at all it will only show what has been added through php my admin only. The first column in the table is a primary key id set to auto increment too.

here is code from index.php

if(isset($_POST['$firstname'])) {


$sql = "INSERT INTO customer SET
firstname = :firstname,
lastname = :lastname,
address = :address,
city = :city,
state = :state,
zip = :zip,
phone = hone,
email = :email";
$s = $pdo->prepare($sql);
$s->bindValue(':firstname', $_POST['firstname']);
$s->bindValue(':lastname', $_POST['lastname']);
$s->bindValue(':address', $_POST['address']);
$s->bindValue(':city', $_POST['city']);
$s->bindValue(':state', $_POST['state']);
$s->bindValue(':zip', $_POST['zip']);
$s->bindValue('hone', $_POST['phone']);
$s->bindValue(':email', $_POST['email']);
$s->execute(array(':firstname'=>$_POST['firstname'], ':lastname'=>$_POST['lastname'], ':address'=>$_POST['address']));

} catch (PDOException $e){
$output = 'Error adding submitted customer info: ' . $e->getMessage();
include 'error.html';
header ('Location: .');

thanx in advance for your help i hope i explained this fairly well if not i will be glad to give more information if needed.