Hey All,

I hope I explain this right.

I am looking for a script that I can add products too, It needs to be able to add images, description, model # and anything else like Msc. Well the thing about it is, I need it to be able to have a request a quote form on it that will automatically fill in the product details, All the user needs to do is fill out their name and email.

I need the quotes to be put into a database and then an email comes to my email addy. I also need to be able to also go into the admin panel of the site and send a quote by putting in the item number and it prefills the form and all I would need to do is put the price in.

Is there any type of script out there that can do this or would I be better off just to have someone do the scripting for me. I know html but not to good with php, I can only edit it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.