I will not argue with all of that...some of it I think its a bit nuts, but there's nothing I can say that will be anything else other than my opinion against yours, so I'll only address a few things...

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Wal-Mart's strategy is to move into a town and operate at a loss, underselling the locally owned stores until they go out of business. Then they raise their prices. They also have ridiculous policies restricting employee's dating each other and paying low wages.
Their prices are still VERY low. In addition, people obviously love the stores - I never see a WAL-MART without seeing a K-Mart or something similar nearby. They basically always have competition.

Last time I checked, people WANT to work there...in fact, they want to work there enough that they actually (gasp!) submit applications in HOPES of being accepted. If they don't like the policies, they can leave. People do not have to buy from Wal-Mart. I honestly believe it's hated because Sam Walton was a conservative...

They sell things cheap...I see no problem.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken is owned by PepsiCo who has been collaborating with military forces in some countries for years that supress and kill the local populations.
Why are they collaborating with the military? I'm quite surprised by this.

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They have put numerous locally owned stores out of business and contributed to the plasticization of the world.
I knew that "they put mom and pop stores out of business" line was coming...even though it was worded differently.

Business is business...K-Mart sells things to people at a low price and the people buy it happily. We can't have a world full of tiny shops, and even if we could, we never would...by the logic you seem to be using, no company should ever strive to be large and successful.

FYI: Mom and Pop want to make a buttload of money too - they just don't usually do so. Sam Walton was once one of those tiny stores...he ran a small General Store himself. Small stores have to grow - it does not make them evil for doing well.

Plasticization? Wha?