This thread was bound to come up eventually, so I'm getting it out of the way.

Let's not flame...let's just state who we're voting for with a little bit of information on why. Mmmmkay? And no restrictions on age - we can all virtually "vote" here.

I can't legally vote...but if I could, I would vote for Bush. I'm very conservative and think that, while he has his flaws, he is the best choice we have now. I personally think that from an economic standpoint, Steve Forbes would have done the most to lower taxes and encourage growth...but given the choice of the two, I choose Bush.

I also don't care that he once smoked Cocaine...he's been clean for awhile and should be forgiven...although it was definetly a bad thing.

Let the war begin! No matter your preference, you have to admit this is going to be one close race.