Google has penalized one of my website.

The site has a PR6 and has good content. On an average user stays 4 minutes on my website.

For the past 2 years google has been penalized me many times and usually My site will be restored to normal after 2 or 3 months.

But this time 4 months has passed and I am still not recovering. I am seeing lots of SEO services where they charge to analyze and correct and reverse the Google penalty. Can I use any1 of them.

To be more precise. My site is penalized and not banned. I still receive visitors from google but they have fallen to 80%.

Every time I file a reconsideration request I get a reply that "No Manual Spam actions found" from google. I am confused.

One time my site was penalized and I try to query google with a seo software for checking PR of Thousands of url. After penalty I wrote to them saying I will not send any automated queries after that. My rankings was restored in a day.

I am losing nearly 2000USD per month because of this.

Kindly guide me in this regard.