I keep getting contiguous ordered lists to mark-up. Are there accessibilty issues with this? The code I have to use to get this to work is a bit messy (makes me cringe a bit) but sort of has an internal logic.
I need a solid reason to come back to the authors of the documents if I want them to change the formatting methodology.

eg. (...but with made up content. I can't give the actual example unfortunately. The actual docs are legal-ish government docs.).

Heading: What do do in the playground.

A. Playground fairness
i Don't push
ii Don't kick
iii Don't punch
B. Share toys
iv Let other kids:
- join in
- have even time
v Don't hide toys
C. Language
vi No swearing
vii Say nice things to others

...you get the idea. The authors are trying to convey that the top level OL is breaking up the list into logical chunks like headings but they want a continutity through all the items listed under the second level OL (in lower-roman). I realise normal practice would be to start each nested list from one but the authors feel that this breaks up the list too much so weakens the message they're trying to give.

I guess I want to get an idea is this bad practice or just not best practice, or am I over reacting?
Has anyone else come across this and have a better solution?
Is there anywhere that explicitly states this is the wrong way to format lists? (I had a look but can't see anything solid)