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That's an amazing story. You have an endless list of stories like that, don't you? You always seem to know something-or-other about the subject at hand.
I come from a large family. With over 20 aunts and uncles and 158 cousins things like that happen. My grandmother on my father's side is approaching 90 and still remembers her first ride in a car back in the early 1920's. I have living relatives who have fought in both World Wars, Korea, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf (not all by one relative mind you). Plus many other adventures. I'll see most of them next month at my Grandmother's birthday party/Family Reunion. One of several reunions we have per year.

A small portion of my family's genealogy is online at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Bluffs/3803/ but we can't update it because we lost the password. Its one of my early sites and yes it was made with Frontpage (even has themes yech). Right now the family tree research is being done by 3 people and data consists of several gigabytes of data as well as about 15 three ring binders.