Hey all.

I was wondering if anyone was familiar with this issue - I have at least a couple of projects/files where I can use xDebug to step through the code, but in all the others I've tested it on I just get the browser up and it says "Debug session terminated".

Let's take one of the files I failed to debug as an example, it's called Bridge.php. I went to project > PHP debugger and selected enable project specific settings, and then selected xDebug and applied it. Then when I attempted to debug it, the browser came up and the debug session was terminated right away. Now, when I look at the debug history, I notice that it says that the server debugger for Bridge.php is the Zend Debugger. I have no idea how this happens, since I've already changed the project settings, and also changed my preferences from Zend to xDebug.

Has anyone here encountered this before?