I have recently set up a website business in the busy world of weddings. I realise this is a somewhat saturated marketplace but i believe i am offering something slightly different/better than what's already out there. I have a few ideas about what i might/could do to market the website but i'd like some advice from people who've used an of these techniques successfully or otherwise.
1. Social media - this is already set up and i have gained 79 FB likes (woohoo!) so far. I have over 100 twitter followers and have also started using Pinterest, so all small scale at the moment but hoping to gain momentum over time.
2. Blog - just started.

What i'm thinking of doing...
1. Local marketing - I have thought about contacting wedding vendors (photographers/florists etc) local to my area to see if they want to a) Gain free advertising by writing about their services that i will add to my blog and/or b) Offering them a commission based incentive.
The only way i can think of offering a commission based incentive is to provide each vendor with a unique code so any user accessing the site with this code would automatically add to the vendors online tally. This would be a lot of work to code into the site from scratch so i wonder if there's a better/more efficient method…is this what online affiliate marketing organisations do or could help with?

2. Online marketing - i'm still not clear how affiliate marketing works but would this be worth looking into? Would i have to pay regardless of whether i gain any sign-ups on my website? Do any affiliate programs offer a trial?

3. Press release - I have a list of relevant blogs that I will submit a press release to...are there any tips to submitting press releases?

Any tips on any of the above will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance