OK this is the kind of opportunity I have been working towards all my life. If this opportunity works out then I'll be able to retire a multi-millionaire in ten years.

What I want to know is why am I nervous??

The reason I am posting this is because I want to know what you guys think. I have been around here so long that I consider a lot of you friends.

The project is pretty straightforward. Take what I have been doing for the last six months, rewrite it to make it leaner and more powerful and roll it out over the Internet. I know that my partners and I can do this. I know we can make it cost effective and I know we can undersell our competitors.

The only costs that I have to put up front is $115.00 for 1/4th of the incorporation costs. The projected revenue is $10,000,000 net profit/year in 3 years. Maybe its the big numbers and knowing my ideas and skills will make it happen thats making me nervous. Maybe its doubt.

Anyway I just want to know what people think. Should I go forward with this or bail out now knowing that this might be my one chance to really create a worthwhile and profitable system that improves people's lives and provides a safer working environment.

The other question I want an opinion on is this...

Even though our first viable demo is at least 3 months away, should we develop and rollout our website now? I am thinking this could be a good asset when approaching investors in the next few weeks. What do you think? We already have a potential angel who is willing and capable of investing up to $2,000,000 in startup capital.