I have to provide a newsfeed to a corporate learning management system. I have no ability to influence the CSS or structure of the management system itself, only to give it the address of my XML file to provide the newsfeed. It does display it successfully but there are two things that don't display: the image in the <channel>
      <title>Academy News</title>
... and the CSS that I've tried to apply. I did this by linking to a CSS file:
<?xml-stylesheet href="rss.css" type="text/xsl" media="screen"?>
(I've also tried linking to an absolute address)
In the CSS itself I tried defining styles like the following, just for test:
title { font-weight:bold; color: red;}
I thought the management system's own styles might be overriding mine but if I just paste the XML address into a browser it displays but with no styling and no 'main' image. Images in the individual posts do display:
<description><![CDATA[<img src="https://test.mysite.com/portal/images/saba/people.jpg" width=50 height=50>Here si a second news story with different text. Obviously.]]></description>
Can anyone point out what I'm doing wrong? This doesn't have to display in any normal RSS readers, only in this particular system.