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    What to charge for running a live chat event?

    I've worked in the community management field for the past 3 years, but now I'm on my own (read: laid off)

    I've got a question about rates to charge when you do freelance community client work, and was wondering if anyone had a ballpark idea. For example, I know a guy who does web development, design, etc. with a pretty decent client base. He's bidding on some project with a client, and the client would like to do a chat event. Piece of cake, they have the software, I've facilitated chats before, no problem. But here's a question... let's say that you charged to run said chat event... what would your rate be? In my experience, chats have been included in an overall price of community management, but what do you think you'd be worth in the marketplace on a "freelance chat" basis? Would you charge by hour or for the whole thing? How does your expertise factor in?

    I'm just curious if any of you have ballpark figures on this kinda stuff. I know it's a shot in the dark, but hey, keeps you on your toes!


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    Actually we're not supposed to talk about payscales, how much to charge for something, etc on public boards like this (it's considered illegal in many countries).

    That said, how much do you think your time is worth? Charge accordingly.
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