Hi there,

I have recently re-designed my portfolio website to give more of a unique feel and to make the design stand out a little against other graphic designers. Ideally I am aiming this site mainly at potential employers but also future clients to drum up more business.

I understand that the site has a slightly unconventional design as I am trying to draw more focus on my work compared to my previous sites which only had a small banner to promote various "featured" projects.

I think that just about covers my introduction to the site without saying too much to influence your opinions but any comments or suggestions as to how it could be improved would be most welcome - please do not hold back if you have a strong feeling about something

I would also really appreciate it if you could test on a mobile device and/or tablet as I have tried to ensure that it appears correctly on these - particularly by creating a dedicated mobile version (only tested on Android and iPhone so far).

The website address to visit is www.psychobeing.co.uk.

Thank you,