If you look at this page: http://easydigging.com/Garden_Tool/home1.html
You will see an image Marquee that scrolls automatically, pauses on mouseover, and has Begin/Stop buttons to allow those using phones to control the Marquee.

We need to move the Begin/Stop button from above the Marquee to below the Marquee. That's where I need your help.

I really don't know JS, but I am great at cutting and pasting if you tell me what old lines to replace with what new lines

I left the JS file in the Head of the page so you can see it easily. I will paste it in below also. Thanks!

<script type="text/javascript">
var mqAry1=['../images-new/wheel-hoe-icon.jpg','../images-new/seeder-icon.jpg','../images-new/broadforks-icon.jpg','../images-new/grub-hoe-icon.jpg','../images-new/grape-hoe-icon.jpg','../images-new/garden-hoes-icon.jpg','../images-new/hand-hoes-icon.jpg','../images-new/catalog-icon.jpg'];

function start()
{ new mq('m1',mqAry1,300);
mqRotate(mqr); // must come last

window.onload = start;

// Continuous Image Marquee with stop/start button
// copyright 24th July 2008, 20th March 2010 by Stephen Chapman
// http://javascript.about.com
// permission to use this Javascript on your web page is granted
// provided that all of the code below in this script (including these
// comments) is used without any alteration

function mqRotate(mqr)
{if (!mqr) return; for (var j=mqr.length - 1; j > -1; j--)
{maxa = mqr[j].ary.length;
for (var i=0;i<maxa;i++)
{var x = mqr[j].ary[i].style;
var y = mqr[j].ary[0].style;
if (parseInt(y.left,10)+parseInt(y.width,10)<0)
{var z = mqr[j].ary.shift();
z.style.left = (parseInt(z.style.left) + parseInt(z.style.width)*maxa) + 'px'; mqr[j].ary.push(z);
} mqr[0].TO=setTimeout('mqRotate(mqr)',10);

function startstopchange(m,txt)
{for (var j=m.length - 1; j > -1; j--) document.getElementById('ss'+m[j].id).value = txt;
function startstop(m,n) {
var ss = document.createElement('form');
var sd = document.createElement('div');
var sb = document.createElement('input');
sb.id = 'ss'+n.id;sb.value = 'Stop Scrolling';
sb.onclick = function()
{if (this.value == 'Stop Scrolling')
{clearTimeout(m[0].TO); startstopchange(m,'Begin Scrolling');
else {mqRotate(m); startstopchange(m,'Stop Scrolling');

var mqr = [];
function mq(id,ary,wid)
var heit = this.mqo.style.height;
{mqRotate(mqr);startstopchange(mqr,'Stop Scrolling');
{clearTimeout(mqr[0].TO);startstopchange(mqr,'Begin Scrolling');
var maxw = ary.length;
for (var i=0;i<maxw;i++)
this.mqo.ary[i].src=ary[i]; this.mqo.ary[i].style.position = 'absolute';
this.mqo.ary[i].style.left = (wid*i)+'px';
this.mqo.ary[i].style.width = wid+'px';
this.mqo.ary[i].style.height = heit;