So I'm an intern , and I'm pretty happy that I got the chance. Basically it's the IT wing of one of the biggest companies in my country.

But I've faced a certain moral dilemma during the past few days that's keeping me edgy.

Lets take it this way: I'm basically a self taught person when it comes to Web-Design. When it comes to marking up pages and writing style sheets, I do it all according to standards. I've done the bad and ugly, learned from it, and have improved my self continuously.

For now in this company, I'm under the supervision of one of their web-designers who has been with the company for a while, and has worked in the industry for quite some time (several years I guess). There's another "Associate Web-Designer" that works as well, she's been in the industry for quite some time too and in a "respected" web-design company.

My problem: neither of them know anything about web standards. To quote a few they do:
  1. Using divs instead of p, h*, and virtually everything, and saying that it's not a problem if they do that.
  2. saying that nesting lists is wrong.
  3. telling me to use a divs where I could have just used the semantically correct ul.
  4. they use tables for layout.
  5. using the br tag where they could just use p

I'm not even sure that I'm right anymore.

So just to ask, what should I do?
  1. Shut up and bend to their rules
  2. Or tell them that they're wrong (Remember these are people who have been in the industry)

Or am I wrong?

PS. I've realized the hard way that I don't have the creative edge that a web designer needs, most of the designs that I do are simplistic, so I don't really think I'll be pursuing a career in this.