I'm a web designer/developer in a small town. A couple weeks ago I was looking through a list of businesses, deciding which ones I wanted to contact. In my search I came across a site for a local company that was filled with Lorum Ipsum text and had links to replica watch sites on it. I contacted the company to see
if they needed some help. The lady I talked to told me that a certain local designer was working on it. When I mentioned the state of the site, she said "Yeah, I don't know why it's like that". She didn't want my help so I left.

Today I decided to check out the site again. It's been changed to a "coming soon" page. That's good. Then I looked at the code. There are several links stuffed in an H1 tag that point to some replica watches site. They were positioned off the page. I went to the designer's portfolio and started visiting other client sites. Of the first 10 that I checked, all of them had some form of spammy code except one. Then I checked her own business website's code. No spammy links there.

This designer has a lot of local clients. It's a small town. This means most of our local websites have this spam built in. This is a designer that still uses tables for all designs, uses javascript roll over images to make menus, and has had the same company website for over ten years. Clearly not someone that really cares about web design.

I feel obligated to do something about this. I'm not sure what exactly. Any suggestions?