Hi All

I am trying to write a function that sets the position of a popup window. I was under the impression that NS uses screenX & screenY to set the position of the popup window, while IE used top & left properties.

I tried to make the script distinguish between NS and IE but I have encountered a few problems.

1. When I test it in IE it detects both methods, thus the position variable takes on the screenX/screenY format (since the secong method [if statement] follows the first). Funnily enough though it still works (even though IE doesn't support those two properties (screenX/screenY). Strange??

2. NS6 (Windows) only detects the second method thus no problems here.

3. Mozilla 1.? (Linux) detects both methods so ends up assigning variable position with the screenX/screenY properties. Not sure why it detect boths, but it works.

4. Galeon 1.? (Linux) same as Mozilla above except that the popup window wont open in the correct position. I thought Galeon was derived from Mozilla, thus if it works on Mozilla and NS6, then it should work on Galeon. What gives??

Below is a copy of the script. Can anyone see anything that might be causing the problems I mentioned above?

Kind regards, Ben

PHP Code:
function PopUp(temp)
/* Calculate screen width and height */

   /* Calculate browser object model and set position string accordingly */
if (document.body.clientWidth// Browser suports IE DOM
alert('IE\nWidth 'document.body.clientWidth +'\nHeight 'document.body.clientHeight +'\nNSwidth 'screen.width +'\nNSheight 'screen.height);
screen_width = (document.body.clientWidth 600)/2;
screen_height = (document.body.clientHeight 300)/2;
position 'left='screen_width ', top='screen_height;

   if (
screen.width// Browser supports NS DOM
screen_width = (screen.width 600)/2;
screen_height = (screen.height 300)/2;
position 'screenX='screen_width +', screenY='screen_height;

string temp;
features 'width=600, height=400, ' position;
smallWindow window.open(string'Experience'features);