I am trying to learn php and mysql and have a query.

My problem is getting the basics to work. I am willing to travel within 50 miles of Newcastle upon TYne (England) and pay for help if that would get me off base 1

I have used wamp to introduce the settings and have followed instructions in the book called 'Sitepoint build your own database driven website using PHP and MySQL', perhaps i should install everything as an individual package, your advice appreciated.

This is what has happened after setting up and getting to page 51!

If I run the query 'mysqladmin', I get the welcome output - mysql version 8.42 distribution 5.5.16 for win 32 on X86 etc.
If I run the query 'mysqladmin -u root status' again I get the correct output
If I run the query 'mysqladmin -u root -p again I get the output showing everything works
If I run the query 'mysqladmin -u root -p status' I get 'mysqladmin connect to server 'localhost' failed' error Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password 'YES')

Following the book I then enter 'mysqladmin -u root -p password eAc2c8Bd74Dd to change the password. When I enter the query again it asks for password and I enter as shown here and I get the same error as before as if the password is not working.
If I enter the query 'mysql' I get the output showing everything is OK
If I enter the query 'mysql -u root -p status' I get -> on the next line showing it is waiting for a command and I clear this command request using '\c'

Is there anyway I can get it to accept the password as above?

My main reason for wanting to learn MYSQL is that presently I write all my web site pages using Dreamweaver and HTML saving as a'PHP' file normally. However I help a charity of European Counsellors and their Website is currently using an old version of Joomla which is controlled by another company who charge them a fortune if they ask a question and the third party company are obviously just selling them white label hosting. Recently they decided they would like a register of European Counsellors and the only way I could give them one was to create a link from their website to one of mine where I created 'http://eacnews.net/directory/directory.php', from there you can select country and then individual counsellor.

If I get knocked down by the proverbial bus, no one could maintain the register, so what I want to do is to create a new web site for them where there is a simple input screen for their news content which can be saved to various pages just as you can with Joomla and they can call down a template so that anyone can input a counsellors details and save it to the correct section of the register held on their webpage instead of linking to mine as they do now.

The first stage would be to go direct to a hosting company to register their DNS to take them away from the existing situation, but I cannot do this before constructing a working model that can be placed under their URL when it is taken under their control. The whole process has to be simple as no one on the Executive is even slightly computer literate believing all software should be like the proprietry software available off the shelf. I should say of course that they have no money to go out to a third party to have all this designed for them, and I am totally self taught when it comes to coding or website design.

Hey this is turning into my life history but that is the background.

cheers and thanks again for trying to help.