Using Css this flips the mirror image. In testing this is fullproof However, the css/html only you cant use mailto also. So it's unclickable. This guy has a almost near perfect solution. Using JS he makes it clickable and flips it. However it's a little buggy. But its proof of concept! On my ipad it works perfect. In firefox on click it loads default email program and fills the the send to box but with this "" In IE like this "" and on click changes it back to reverse "moc.niamod@liame".

So in a perfect world I'm hoping someone can fix the js. Then I will try and feed the backwards text with JS or other. Because if js fails I dont want it there. Its no longer clickable and if you copy and paste it it pastes the reverse text. Thats no good. So I'll do some noscript thing or something.

Code JavaScript:
<a href="#" onclick="this.href='mailto:'+ this.innerHTML.split('').reverse().join('')" style="unicode-bidi:bidi-override; direction: rtl;">