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    Post [EDITED] Easy earn money Just By Liking Fan Pages

    XXXX is a ground-breaking new service, which was designed to revolutionize the marketing of Fan pages.
    It allows you to make money with your Facebook and twitter page.

    XXXX was lanced in April 2011 and claims to be the first site on the web that lets you earn money with your Facebook account. The basics: You 'like' fan pages on fb that get suggested to you by XXXX , and in return you earn credits. You can convert these credits into cash or use them to buy likes for your own fb fan page. You only have to 'like' pages that you actually like, there is no obligation whatsoever.

    How does XXXX work for making money?

    Click here for joining the website:

    - You can like up to 30 Facebook fan pages per day.

    -You get a fanRank status that determines how much you earn per click. It depends on the number of friends you have and the 'interactivity of your account', whatever that exactly is. My fanRank is the lowest, and I get 2 EUR-Cents per click. My impression is that with the highest rank you get 7 Cents per like.

    -There is a 15 EUR payout threshold. Payout is via PayPal.

    -After liking a few pages, my fan rank rose from 1 to 3. Now it is at 5, maybe due to me having referred a user through this page.
    It seems that XXXX ran out of customers after I had liked some pages. Initially, I got a presentation of 5 different links every time I visited the overview page, now the choice I have is down to the same 2 links every time I visit. Maybe I need to visit more frquently in order to catch some more opportunities, I don't know...

    Now there are more fan pages on offer, some of which will give me 3 credits, some 7 and some 9. They are from all kinds of fan pages, for shops, artists, movies, a very local newspaper. No more humanitarian organizations, I am glad to say. Surprisingly many small local businesses, which are not really from my area, but at least from my country.
    My credits balance is at 222 now, and the cash they promise me for this is 1.11 %u20AC. Still a long way to go until I reach the 15 € payout threshold. Nevermind, I am not there for the money!

    Caution, associated risk:
    Facebook obviously does not like this 'like'-trading. Therefore, it is said, fb blocks users that make too much use of the 'like' button from using it for some days or weeks. I personally would not mind.
    Note: XXXX claims that they do not violate the fb terms of service. Their view is that they only suggest fan pages to facebook users that they might not see otherwise, and urge the XXXX user to only 'like' those pages s/he really likes...
    Some other online sources, especially law blogs say it does violate them and that buying fans was illegal, and selling your vote as well. I don't care. They pay you for pulling Facebook's leg, and I like it.

    Last edited by Ted S; Nov 25, 2012 at 18:30. Reason: Removed all mentions of the site's name & links. Promotion removed.

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    Note: I have edited this post to remove all references to the company that made it while leaving it intact to demonstrate a point: When you buy fans on a social network this is what you're getting... Not people who are targeted, relevant or interested, but [at best] people who are paid to do it.
    - Ted S


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