Hello. I'm still trying to get past the very first part of the Jump Start Node.js book where you set up the authentication form and try to connect to the mongodb database. I set up everything exactly according to the book. However when you click the "Sign Up" button it would keep timing out. So then after adding various console.log's throughout the code I was able to determine that it connects to the database just fine so that users credentials I initially set up are just fine. I was also able to determine that it appears to be hanging on the part in the User.js file where it does the instance.save function because I can get a console.log message to fire just before that line but if I put another console.log message right after that line (inside of the callback function), that console.log message does not fire ever. So it's something about that save function that is messing it up.

I'm going through the book while at work during some down time where I'm allowed to further my javascript education so could there be something with how the network where I work is set up that is blocking the save function from working? I just figured that since I can connect to the database just fine I should be able to write to it as well but that doesn't appear to be the case at the moment.

Anyone have any ideas for me? If not I'll just have to wait until I get home and try this all out again from there and see if things work. I've already compared all of my source code (line by line) to the source code I downloaded from the books website and besides all of the console.log statements I've put in, it is identical as far as I can tell. However, just to be safe I think I'll load up the downloaded source and of course change the database connection username and password and what not and see if the downloaded source will go through.