I am working on a web form built with HTML-PHP. It is like an options/settings page and it returns the same page when it is submitted. The form has a section that controls the style with 4 radio buttons (there are four styles). When the page first loads, one of the four radio buttons is checked by default (i.e., style 1 is selected). Then I select another style by clicking on its radio button and submit the form. When the page loads, it still shows the previous radio button as checked, but when I refresh the page it shows the second radio button checked as it should. It is the same with checkbox elements too. So, I don't know if there is another solution to this but I thought that it might be related to cache and automatically refreshing the page for once would be a good idea. I found a couple of examples using some meta tags but they didn't work.

If the above paragraph was a bit complicated, my question simply is "how can I refresh a page on load once?". Thanks for any ideas.