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    I just launched my site a week ago, and one of my goals is to sell advertising space. I know I need to wait until about 30,000 page views a month, but in the meantime I need to find out all that I need to know in order to make some decent money selling advertising.

    If anyone could explain how this all works to me, it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Some terms you need to know:

    CPC = Cost Per Clicktrough, or how much you get paid every time someone clicks on a banner

    CPM = Cost Per Thousand Impressions (M is roman numeral for thousand), or how much you get paid every time 1000 people view a banner.

    Generally bigger sites go for CPM advertising because you make more money that way. Especially sites like sitepoint which is very targetted. Off the top of my head Sitepoint I think sells top banner space at $35 CPM. Industry wide that is very high. But realize sitepoint is very targetted and also they sell their own inventory.

    Most of us aren't going to be that targetted or even if we are we wont be selling our own inventory. Most people get their ad revenue from ad networks. Ad networks sell your inventory for you and of course take some off the top (as much as 50%). There are both CPC and CPM networks, generally you need more traffic to qualify for the CPM ones. And the CPM from an ad network is much lower, think about $5 CPM. Which is good actually. Also realize that they do not sell all your advertising space. So lets say they sell half of it at 5 CPM. You end up only making $2.5 CPM on your entire site.

    Recently the revenue from advertising for the smaller webmaster has plummeted. There is a great example somewhere in these forums where 1 person went from making over a thousand dollars a month to less than 100. (or something similarily shocking).

    Here are some ad networks off the top of my head: CPM and CPC need 5000 impressions to month to qualify

    Luna Network ( need 150k impressions to qualify CPC network (formerly flycast) need 250k monthly impressions to qualify 1 mil impressions

    247media 3 mil impressions

    there are a whole bunch of them, those are just off the top of my head.

    A good advertising forum is located at It's always seemed to me sitepoint, and the people here, focus more on the coding side of things.



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