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    One interesting revelation came about from this otherwise unfortunate incident. Me, and every other customer found out about a major bug in the system that allows anybody to deplete another's account in a matter of minutes. Due to this revelation, and the carelessness of with its customer list, I cannot recommend you do business with them for now.
    That was from the sitepoint newsletter I recieved. Has anyone contacted Sprinks to find out what is being done about this?

    Also how was this found out. Did it happen because of the newsletter thing or did someone use the list to inform all sprinks customers that it was possible?

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    0 Thread(s) sent out two seperate emails telling people not to do reply-all's on the list.

    Everybody could see the entire list of email addresses when they opened the email from The email addresses were in the CC field, so it was quite obvious what had happened.
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