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Do they still teach typing in school? I'm surprised that more people don't type with two hands, using the right shift button for capitols and other characters typed with the left hand. Isn't that the way its supposed to be??
I was going to take typing in school but on the first day the teacher gave us a typing test to see how we could do. I topped in at 80+ words a minute. She suggested that I didn't need to learn anything else about a keyboard. Being on a 32 line BBS in chat will do that to you. I use both hands to type but still rarely use the right shift, ctrl or alt keys.

My current keyboard has 140 keys so a lot of things have been relegated to the macro keys. I have keys for calculator, MS-WORD, MS-Excel, Textpad, Internet Explorer, SitePoint, copy, cut, paste, multimedia functions, sleep, suspend, power and much more. So I can use the left shift and arrows to select and then use those keys to move text around faster than with a mouse. I usually use keyboard combinations when typing instead of the mouse as well.

I still hardly use the right hand buttons. They are like vestigial organs, serving little or no purpose and taking up space.

Hmmm.. Maybe I should make a macro combination for some of the common smilies. Smilies in a single keypress that would be fun.