Hi, i was just wondering if anyone has every heard of this program? It is suppose to be a complete web content management application. I specifically wanted to know from ppl who have used this program what their thoughts were and if they could expand on exactly what this can do? I am trying to work on a new dynamic website and have come acrosss several programs like back-end and php-nuke. back-end doesnt have enough features and php-nuke isn't template based (i dont think) so i cant customize it enough. Anyways, egrail seems far more advanced than any of those programs with more features and seems like something i mite be interested in but even after reading over the entire site, i still understand what exactly the program can do for me. Another problem is that it doesnt have a large support forum since it just became open source approx 1 month ago. I dont see too many ppl in the forums but it seems like the developers are trying to help as much as possible. Anyways, if anyone who has used egrail or anyone who hasnt but would like to check it out for me, please give me some feedback. The site can be found at http://www.egrail.org. thanx!