While some people/businesses do their own setup and manage their FB/ Twitter accounts, I'm wondering what if anything is customary when they meet up with a social marketer, when they basically weigh the two options of between themselves, assuming they can do so, and taking someone on. Social Marketing seems much faster growing right now that web design, but I guess the two could help compliment one another.

It seems like many people would only want the setup particularly for FB, and someone to help get them acclimated until they are comfortable which probably wouldn't be long. Days or a week or so. Though I've heard of socialers getting monthly retainers and 6 month committments. How does this work? What might fee structures be like & are they front-end loaded? It seems if not, the SM would extend an awful lot of trust, however justified.

There is also the factor, say if a company hires out the FB/Twitter for a number of months, in hopes of building a network, where they may not have someone internally to handle this. One issue I see is Tweeting and making posts -- the social marketer might also have to know the business and/or contact formalities. There could be Tweets about particular product issues, etc, and how these are handled could verge into customer service, or the sales/marketing dept, or engineering particulars. What if the client/provider is arranged with a CPA - and tweets are tax-related? How is this all regularized into a uniform protocol for or by the social marketing firm?