I run a vote exchange website called Vote requests

This site is build using custom post type “contest” in wordpress and many custom fields. The posts are ordered by using a custom field named “Top Contest Order”. There is something strange in the site currently that is for only some users around 10%. When they add contest only this custom field is not added and as per ordering functionality if this is not added then that contest will not be displayed. However this contest displayed in admin but not displayed in ordering because of this custom field entry and strange thing is its only for some users.

When a user fill out the request form the contest is supposted to be posted right away but at times its posted to admin and I have to manually update it to post on the front end. I thought maybe it was a cache issue, but its not, I thought maybe it was a browser issue but its not I can't seem to replicate this issue by testing. So any solutions would be greatly appreciated