This applies to a smaller town localed between two mid sized cities. With prospects here locally, to help with estalishing FB & Twitter, the question is being asking about how much the effort might improve businesses, the bottom line. Obviously this has to do with the type of business but...

I've noticed many businesses clearly opt for FB first.

Isn't the real advantage of Twitter being able to actively reach out to the local community & other businesses. Only occasionally sending soft special promotions while using caution not to overdo it. Some of the types of businesses who are considering T are landscapers, printers, hair salons, confectioners, etc. Even more commercial users like gasket makers, plastic mold injectors, etc. - Both consumer oriented & B2B.

Ideally, shouldn't the business either serve regionally or ship out nationally given the community of tweeters?

- Please reply specifically with honing in on who is best suited for each. Who are the best types of candidates?