I have a textual link on my web site. I made it glow using
a filter for IE:

.glow { filter : Glow(Color="black",Strength="3") }

When I move my mouse over the link, the glow should
become stronger, and when I move it away from the link
it should go back to normal.

This works fine in IE 5.5, but I get a JavaScript error in IE 5.0.
Why do I get it and how do I fix it? Here is the code:

<div class="glow" style="position:absolute; top:220px;
left:73px; width:70px; height:100px; z-index:2;" align="center"
onmouseover="this.filters.glow.strength=5" onmouseout="this.filters.glow.strength=3">
<a href="istorijat.html">Istorijat</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;