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I'm in total agreement with you Karl.

As pointed out by M. Johansson though, that .NET will overpower Java through the marketing muscule of Microsoft - this is what I'm afraid of.

From what I read, I think Java is the better platform to develop for - I have absolutely no interest in .NET and Microsoft.
Have you actually given .NET a real test run? It definitely holds some big advantages over Java, especially for web developers - ASP.NET and ADO.NET really makes work easier. Not to mention that Visual Studio.NET is a very impressive IDE, especially for its low price. If you haven’t already, you might want to check out the Top 5 .NET Newbie Q and A here on SitePoint – a very good read.

And there is bound to be (guaranteed) security holes in .NET currently, and in the future; there always has been, and always will be with Microsoft.
There always will be security holes with ALL software, but I assume you are implying that Microsoft products are worse (and always will be) than other, which a rather broad assumption. Microsoft is, after all, repositioning themselves as a company with security as a top priority. Nobody expects them to succeed at once, but saying "there always will be big security holes in Microsoft products" is not very open minded. With that said, there will of course be security issues with .NET, especially when it grows popular. It will also need to take quite a bit of heat to become really secure and, in turn, popular. It took Java many, many years to get where it is today, after all.