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    Exclamation Smarty Template Help Please.....

    Hi all,

    iam trying to learn the ways of the smarty templating engine, and i have struck a problem..... when i place this {$content|count_characters} in my template file it gives me an error. (count_characters is suppose to be a "variable modifier" a feature built-in to the smarty class)... if i leave the variable untouched it works eg {$content}...this works just fine.

    Fatal error: Smarty plugin error: [in rejuvenators.tpl line 32]: modifier 'count_characters' is not implemented in D:\includes\Smarty.class.php on line 2005
    the error suggests this is not a feature of smarty? but according to the manual it is? Do i have to enable "variable modifiers" in the Config_File.class.php file or else where??

    just for interest sake i tried {$smarty.server.REMOTE_ADDR} and this works fine. $smarty is some kinda "reserved variable"

    I am stumped i have searched the smarty manual and i can't see a solution the problems i am having.... by all suggestions any "variable modifier" should just work!

    Any help will be much appreciated!


    PS. Smarty verions i am using is Ver 2.3.1
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    Make sure you have the file 'modifier.count_characters.php' in your Smarty plugins directory. If so, it might be worth checking to see if any of the other standard modifiers work.


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