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    How do you add a snow flake animated background

    Buon giorno from Wetherby UK...

    I'd like to be able to add an animated christmas snowflake background to this website susing this animation

    Now would i be right in thinking i'd add it to the body tag. If yes It would be good to get some basic pointers on what i should be mindfull of css wise (tiling effect etc) & what file format is best (gif etc)

    The thing is whilst i have added tiled background effects ive never added an animated backgrounds from shutterstock so some guidlines would be much appreciated.

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    You'd have to use the gif extension if you want the animation, as that's the only format that allows it. But the tiling is likely to be a mess, and using a gif for this is a little clunky, as you get a jump every 12 seconds.

    It might be better to consider JavaScript, something like this:


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