Is there a way to make a custom type that is simply a link with a featured image? I'm using a custom plugin called Touchcarousel which is a horizontal gallery which moves between objects by a drag of the mouse of (on a handheld device) a drag of the finger. Each object in Touchcarousel is a type (the images loaded are the featured images). I'm trying to make a gallery of teachers for a yoga studio's website in which when the user clicks on one of the teachers, the teacher's website is loaded. My temporary solution has been to make a post with the teacher's image as the featured image and using HTML to automatically redirect the user to the teacher's website. However, there is the post page which is loaded and displayed before the redirection is complete. I'd like to make each picture on the Touchcarousel gallery a direct link.

Any ideas on how to achieve this?

Webpage and current carousel:
Custom Post Types (Wordpress Plugin):