My name is Benjamin, I am currently employed full time as a Paramedic but have also been freelancing in web design / development since the mid 90's. I started off in my teens volunteering for America Online as a Community Leader, learning basic HTML and scripting with their proprietary language (RAINMAIN Plus).

Over the years, I have taught myself HTML, CSS, Javascript (although jQuery made me a bit lazzy), PHP (including OOP and MVC frameworks), and MySQL. Every site begins with a blank slate and I never use prepared templates or programs such as Wordpress. I even developed custom CMS solutions for each of my five clients.

It is quite clear that there is no future in my current career for me and I am looking to make a career change to web design & development. Many job listings of interest are looking for a degree in addition to experience and I am hoping that I will become a more well rounded developer if I further my education.

I started out by looking at the BS in Web Design & Development offered by Full Sail University but quickly came to my senses when I looked at their tuition cost and dug into their history. More recently, I have been looking at Southern New Hampshire University, a regionally accredited non-profit, but have been unable to find any reviews specific to their Web Design & Development BS program.

SNHU's course details for Web Design & Development list things such as Frames and Image Maps, which makes me a bit nervous. I have been waiting for about two weeks now for an admissions rep to get back to me with more specific details. I want to be sure that material covered in a course is not something that is a decade out of date or something that I already know like the back of my hand.

Do any of you have any experience with SNHU? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.