On my website, an "Article" can be in different "Sections", and a "Section" can have many "Articles".

When a user selects an Article, I want to be sure that the URL has a valid "Section" for the given "Article" and visa-versa, e.g.


Below is a query I am working on...

Code SQL:
			$q1 = 'SELECT id, title, description, keywords,
							heading, sub_heading, published_on, author,
							body, reference_listing, endnote_listing
				FROM article AS a
				RIGHT OUTER JOIN article_section AS a_s
				ON a.id = a_s.article_id
				WHERE slug=?
				AND a_s.section_id=?';

If I want to check that the Article "postage-meters-can-save-you-money" is in the "finance" Section (along with possibly other Sections), how do I need to modify the above query??

Do I want an INNER JOIN looking for an exact match, or a RIGHT OUTER JOIN just making sure the "Section" is in set of all Sections related to the Article?

Hope that makes sense?!